Cape May Photography

Cape May, New Jersey is a great beach vacation town and a great place to capture some stunning images. From the Victorian houses to the expansive beaches at sunrise, surfers at The Cove, Sunset Beach with a nearly sunken concrete ship off the water, to the famous lighthouse at Cape May Point, there are some great photographs to be had in America’s oldest resort town.

From The beach at Cape May, NJ With a View of Victorian Homes on Beach Ave.

I’ve been going to Cape May on vacation for nearly 25 years and shot thousands of photos over the years, from black & white and color film to digital photos over the last several years. During the summer the weather can turn from  warm and sunny one day to a hurricane coming through the next day (I’ve been through two while there).

If you go to Cape May, be sure to take in the beaches, the restaurants and walk around and enjoy the beautiful homes. And take lots of pictures.

Sunset Beach, Cape May, NJ just after sunset. The remains of the Concrete Ship can be seen on the right hand side of the image in the water

The Historic Beach Theatre on Beach Avenue, which opened 60 years ago in June. The landmark is in danger of being torn down by the current owners so they can put up a condo. This action is being fought by The Beach Theatre Foundation, a non-profit group fighting to prevent this from happening and to restore and preserve the theater complex.

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