Bon Jovi Concert Photos

Went to the Bon Jovi Concert on May 27 at the New Giants Stadium with friends–one whose sister is seeing a cousin of Richie Sambora, so we were able to get great seats and go backstage after the show.

I was at the old Giants Stadium last fall to see the last concert there (Bruce Springsteen) and security was pretty picky about what they would allow in. So I decided that instead of bringing my Nikon SLR setup, I’d go with a pt. & shoot and deal with it’s obvious limitations. Sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got.

Naturally, the qualities of my images doesn’t compare to what I would have taken with my SLR, but then again I’m not shooting this commercially. But a couple came out pretty good–at least for web viewing. Here they are below.

Me with Bon Jovi Guitarist Rich Sambora backstage after the concert


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