July 4th Weekend NYC

It was a blistering hot July 4th weekend in New York City but there were some great photo opportunities to check out before they go away.  Yes, the Macy’s fireworks took place , but I’ve shot those before and felt like finding some different images. Besides, they launched them from the Hudson River on the West Side and trekking over from the East Side of Manhattan–in the blistering heat, remember?–and staking out a spot for hours just wasn’t appealing this year.

So I did a little trekking around Central Park and came across the street piano art installation, Play Me I”m Yours, that’s been in NYC for the past couple of weeks. Some 60 pianos have been placed all around NYC in all 5 boroughs where anyone can sit down and play them.  There was one by the Obelisk behind The Metropolitan Museum of Art, but unfortunately, it was locked and there was no attendant there to open it. Made for an interesting juxtaposition by the obelisk anyway.

One of these pianos was by the Naumburg Bandshell, were there’s always music and dancing going on. Several drummers were pounding away and dancers moving to the beat. Then, down to Merchants Gate by Columbus Circle, where a kid was giving an amazing classical concert.

The Met has a unique exhibit on it’s roof, Big Bambu. It’s a massive bamboo sculpture that you can walk under and into (with guided tours) and the structure/sculpture will be continually evolving. The lines and shadows offer some interesting images. Let me know what you think.


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