Times Square NYC

The 65th anniversary of V-J Day is tomorrow (8/15/10), a day which was essentially marked the end of WWII. Alfred Eisenstadt’s iconic photo “The Kiss”, taken in Times Square that day is probably one of the most notable shots of the 20th Century that has come to symbolize that day and the end of the war.

This past week a 26-foot statue of “The Kiss” was installed in Times Square along with festivities on 8/14 such as  a “kiss-in” event. This statue will certainly be another iconic landmark to pose with for tourists (and probably a few native New Yorkers).

Navy personnel in front of The Kiss statue in Times Square


A little up the street from this new Times Square fixture, is another fixture that’s been around since Christmas Day 1997–The Naked Cowboy. Here he is entertaining tourists as only he can:


A new store opened in the Times Square neighborhood this past week, Pop-Tarts World. With an assortment of flavors, specialty items like Pop Tart Sushi (you’ll be relieved to know it’s made of crushed Pop Tarts wrapped in a fruit roll–no raw fish, thankfully!) , as well as apparel and other branded items, the store was packed this weekend. But looking at the place, it looks more like a Pop Up store. Maybe they’re still putting on the finishing touches on it, (they can sure use another door for ingress/egress),  but it doesn’t feel or look like it’s a permanent fixture in the neighborhood.


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