Manhattanhenge Part II

Yesterday (July 12) was yet again a Manhattanhenge moment, when the sunset lines up perfectly with the Manhattan east-west streets. This time I positioned myself on 42nd Street on the East Side (2nd Ave) for some shots. There’s a pedestrian bridge by the Tudor City residential complex, but it was already packed with people trying to get a shot.

Tudor City pedestrian bridge jammed with photo enthusiasts waiting for Manhattanhenge

Trying to photograph this sunset experience with a bunch of other people doing the same thing felt like being in a human school of fish. Light turns red on 42nd St, everyone rushes out into the westbound lanes to get a shot of the sunset; light turns green, everyone rushes back to the sidewalk–well, mostly everyone. Some people decided to stay in the median or ignore the oncoming cars–much to the NYPD’s chagrin. I opted for the sidewalk, by the way.

Here are some shots from yesterday. Even more vivid than the ones I took from Manhattanhenge I.

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