SantaCon NYC 2011

SantaCon has been an annual event in NYC for the past 15 years and took place yesterday (Dec. 10). Essentially a pub crawl cum flash mob (with its own “interpretation” of Christmas carols), it attracts hundreds of people of all (legal-drinking) ages to dress up in full Santa or Mrs. Claus regalia, elves, or other Holiday-related costumes. You’ll even find a few Hannukah Harrys & human Menorahs. The head Santa guides the herd via Twitter to various locations around town.

I caught up with SantaCon in Times Square, where our Santas took over the red stairs in Duffy Square–much to the chagrin of the NYPD patrolling the area, who dispersed the crowd of Kringles after a while. Lumps of coal in these guys’ stockings this year!

Here are a few shots from SantaCon. More can be seen on my Flickr page:


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