NJ Balloon Festival

The 30th Annual NJ Festival of Ballooning this weekend featured some incredible hot air balloons at Solberg Airport in Whitehouse Station, NJ. From your conventional tear-drop shaped balloons to unique balloons in the shape of an American flag, to a T-Rex and more, they made for great sites in the air and when being blown up.

Chief Balloon Pilot Cheri White
(Click on image for larger view)

I took these shots at the media event held just after sunrise on the first day of the event where photographers could get up close to the balloons as they were being inflated. Some nice side-benefits of attending the media event: speaking with some of the pilots, such as America One’s, Barry DiLibero; and Cheri White, pilot of the Touchstone Energy balloon, and a US National Women’s Champion, who was gracious enough to let me come aboard for a short, tethered ride.

Riding in one of these balloons, even 15 feet off the ground, you are in for a very cool experience.

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One response to “NJ Balloon Festival

  1. We were at the balloon launch this weekend. What a great time!
    More pics of the NJ Festival of Ballooning can be seen at http://www.spotlighthunterdon.com

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