PhotoPlus Expo ’12

The annual PhotoPlus Expo landed at the Javits Center in Manhattan this past week (Oct 25-27) allowing photographers to totally geek out at the latest gear, accessories and services.  This is one of those times I wish the credit card gods would notify me that any charges this month are on them!

I spent a couple days at PhotoPlus Expo checking out some of the new cameras form Nikon, sitting in on a learning session  from Nik Software, which makes Photoshop plug-ins. I also caught up with some of the people at Nikon and Manfrotto that I know; and met Matt Kloskowski, one of the “Photoshop Guys” from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), a great learning resource if you ever want to learn and grow your Photoshop skills.

Many of the camera companies and some of the retailers had models on hand to shoot. After getting my camera sensor checked and cleaned by the awesome guys at PhotoTech, I figured I’d test it out on some of the models and play around with Nik Software’s plug-ins after in post-processing.  Here’s the original shot I took of one model by the Lumix both on the left and, on the right, my rendering of it using PS6 and Nik HDR Efex Pro:

More Models & Body Paint

Nikon had a model runway where you can shoot with their mounted cameras or your own. And NJ-based retailer Unique Photo had some models in body paint who were quite impressive. Great make-up artistry:


Models at the Nikon Booth

Before PhotoPlus Expo kicked off, Scott Kelby, President of NAPP, gave a Photoshop seminar for travel photography at B&H Photo Wednesday afternoon. It was a last-minute seminar that was put together and it was booked solid FAST! I took a seminar with Scott last summer in NYC and there is always something new that you come away with.

Now, back to pouring over the brochures I came away with and hoping those credit card gods will contact me that my credit card bill’s covered!


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