Turn A Banana Into a Piano, Kiss a Pit Bull and More Fun at Figment

While in Philadelphia this weekend was primarily to visit my daughter at school, it was also photographically diverse. Saturday was the annual Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk (more on that in another post) and Sunday I attended Figment, an interactive arts festival of new and emerging artists, in Clark Park, the first time the event has been held in Phili.

Exhibits ranged from social painting on a large canvas, mutant bikes (see photo and no further explanation needed); the art of movement through twirling large flags and puppets; playing piano notes through a circuit board connected to bananas for keys (sorry, no sharps or flat keys — but you can beat out a tune!); an installation where you can “beat a dead horse”; to a Pit Bull kissing booth with two Pit Bulls that were up for adoption. Run by the Luzerne County Pit Bull Owners Group, two gentle Pit Bulls (Jimbo & Celeste) were there to offer up doggie kisses and help dispel myths about the breed.

These images I hope capture some of the fun and engagement of this event. Enjoy! (And here’s my daughter’s take on Figment from her newspaper article)


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