Photoshop World Las Vegas

Photoshop World is one of the leading educational conventions for photographers and creatives who are looking to enhance their Photoshop  and photography skills. I headed to Las Vegas earlier this month to learn from some of the best photographers and PS educators in the business.

Produced by KelbyOne, which offers unparalleled training courses, both online, live, on video and in books and DVD’s, there are over 100 different sessions you can sit in on, each about an hour long. Leading photographers, from Joe McNally, Alan Hess, Moose Peterson, Lindsay Adler, Jason Groupp, Dave Black, Peter Hurley to Tamara Lackey and more, provide great insight and learning about their respective photography genres, and are highly approachable and accessible throughout the convention.

Optional pre-convention workshops are held the day prior to the show and I signed up for the live concert photography workshop, where you are photographing a live band. There were about 40 photographers in this workshop and everyone got to submit their best photo for a contest where the winner received a brand new Nikon D810 (unfortunately, I didn’t come home with that!).

Additionally, there’s a product expo for testing out equipment, check out various accessories and software and buy product from retailers like Adorama and B&H Photo which have a presence on the expo floor. Plus, there’s the Las Vegas strip to walk at night for some great photos, which I took advantage of.

After four days of intense photography, learning and fun, you come away both energized, full of new ways to approach the craft — and a bit tired! But it’s well worth it.

Here are some images from the week’s event:

All photos © 2014 RZF Images, all rights reserved. Neither these nor other images on this site may be used without written permission. 

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