A Life Story Foundation Benefit

Last week a call was put out by renowned NYC headshot photographer, Peter Hurley, to his Headshot Crew to photograph an event dear to his heart, the NYC Best Chef’s Ultimate Family Dinner Benefit and auction for the A Life’s Story Foundation. This foundation was formed by one of his close friends, Kevin Swan, who contracted ALS in 2012, and is dedicated to funding research to effectively treat and ultimately find a cure for ALS. The images below are from Monday’s benefit dinner.

Five celebrity chefs each prepared a course for this benefit, they being:

Marco Canora from Hearth (where the benefit took place)
Seamus Mullen from Tertulia
Howard Kalachnikoff from Gramercy Tavern
Jordan Frosolone from Sessanta
Claudia Fleming from North Fork Table and Inn

It was a great turnout for this event and some incredible food as well. It was a worthy event to photograph as well as one to support with donations.

All photos © 2015 RZF Images, all rights reserved. Neither these nor other images on this site or my website may be used without written permission.


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