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NYC Marathon 2015

It was a picture-perfect day for the annual NYC Marathon. The weather was cool and the overcast sky kept the temps both comfortable and great for photographing this incredible race. Some 50,000 participants went the distance this year and what was striking to me, was something that while not unusual, and in fact quite typical, was the focused demeanor of the serious runners compared with those just wanting to participate, not worrying about their time, but just finishing and enjoying being in the moment.

Here are a few images from the Marathon. More can be found on my website.

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A Chilly and Windy NYC Marathon 2014

It’s one of the coldest NYC Marathon’s in about 10 years, but 50,000 runners are hitting the pavement today (11/2/14). Here are some initial images from the beginning of the marathon. More images can be found on my website: 

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New York City Marathon ’13 – The First Post-Sandy Race

Today’s NYC Marathon was the first held since Hurricane Sandy decimated the NYC region on October 29 last year — as well as the first major marathon in the Northeast since the Boston Marathon back in April, which ended with the bombing tragedy.

The 42nd year of running the NYC Marathon had some of the best weather in recent memory. Cool temps, overcast sky for a good part of it (making for some good photography!); along with a breeze that may have been just a little too windy for some runners, but not intolerable.

Here are some images of runners I captured coming up First Avenue at around the 17 mile mark. There are a lot of happy faces in this crowd, and a lot of runners remembering and commemorating the race to the victims of the Boston Marathon.

NYC Marathon 2011

With over 47,000 runners of all abilities, the New York City Marathon is a site to behold. Each year it’s a thrilling event for participants and spectators. I tend to stay on the spectator side of the equation. It’s also a great event to capture the athletic spirit that’s in all of us.

Here are a handful of pictures I took both of some of the elite runners and everyday people who enter to race, each with their own goals and motivation.


NYC Marathon

Here are some images of yesterday’s NYC Marathon. Perfect weather for runners and a clear day to get some good shots of Marathoners making their way up First Avenue.