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SantaCon Gets an Undeserved Bad Wrap in the Media

I did my personal SantaCon photowalk yesterday (12/12/15) around the East Village in Manhattan getting some images of the revelers. While SantaCon kicked off in Brooklyn this year, vs. Times Square, I decided to be lazy and shoot the assorted Kris Kringles, Elves & Reindeers later in the day in my home borough.

Being out around 4pm the conventional wisdom would have said that SantaCon participants–reveling since 10am–would have been all liquored up by then. But from what I saw, it was far from the case. People were having a good time but were far from drunk, and I went around to several of the sanctioned bars on SantaCon’s route to take pics. The NYPD, it was reported, make no (zero, nada) arrests for drunk & disorderly conduct.

Yet, it seems several New York media outlets (The Daily News, NY Post and Gawker being fairly egregious) have a narrative they want to put forward of a bunch of rowdy drunks in red, instead of seeing this as a fun celebration — which is what I’ve found over the years with people attending SantaCon. Frankly, I’ve seen worse behavior from spectators at the NY Marathon than at SantaCon.

Okay, rant over. Here are a few images from my SantaCon photowalk. More images on my website.

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Battery Park Photo Walk

Renowned travel photographer, Trey Ratcliff, was in NYC on Tuesday and offered his Google+ followers an opportunity to join him on a photowalk of Battery Park. And he got some 200 fellow photographers to join him.

(What’s Google+, some of you may ask? It’s Googles social media site, but it’s different from Facebook. G+ is where you seek out other people with like interests and passions, like photography, rather than just connect with friends. Check it out and see: Here’s a link to my G+ page).

Here’s one of the shots I took that night, just after sunset. I like this one out of all that I shot. More images can be found on my G+ page. Join me there!