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Are You Hiding Something? Show Yourself and Get Noticed

Does your LinkedIn profile picture and header look like this image above? In other words, no profile photo and the default header?

LinkedIn studies have shown that users with a profile picture get 21% more views than LinkedIn accounts with no profile image.

Since your profile on social media, whether on LinkedIn or other social media (business and personal) sites are your first, you want to make the best impression possible. A blank profile picture sends a subliminal message that maybe you’re trying to hide something about yourself.

So to make the best impression to business colleagues and prospective recruiters it’s critical to have a great headshot for a profile picture. For business purposes, go with a professionally produced headshot. You’ll more likely get higher a higher amount of views for your profile vs. a smartphone photo in bad light or a cropped shot from a vacation or dinner at a restaurant.

The lighting of your business headshot should be bright and focused on you, and your background uncluttered so it doesn’t distract from your image. And it’s best to be in professional attire for your industry as well as having confident and approachable expression that will get people to stop on your profile page.

I’ve heard the excuse, “I’m not photogenic”. EVERYONE is photogenic, it’s just that you haven’t had a good image made of you by someone providing direction and good lighting and composition. That’s what a good professional headshot photographer will offer you.

Invest in yourself with a professional headshot and you’ll find will pay dividends for you long-term. And, if you’re getting a professional headshot done, also bring along casual shirts/tops to change into for your personal social media sites’ profile pics. It likely won’t cost you much more—if anything. Since you’re scheduling a professional headshot session anyway, take advantage of the time you have and make the most of it.

Now go get that headshot done and upload that image to your profiles!

Rob Feiner is the owner of RZF Images, a New York City professional photographer, specializing in headshot and portrait photography. Reach him

Walking in Central Park with Vincent Versace

Vincent Versace

Vincent Versace

Renowned fine art and commercial photographer Vincent Versace was in NYC this week conducting workshops with B&H Photo. On Tuesday he led a photo walk in Central Park with a model. So I had to go check it out to see what wisdom he’d impart.

We shot with natural light as well as Wescott’s Ice Lights, which are daylight balanced wand-like lights. They provide beautiful lighting and with a set of barn doors to channel the light are incredibly useful.

Here are some images I made on the shoot of our model, Francesca. The images were edited in Photoshop CC and then converted to B&W in Topaz Labs’ BW Efex 2 plugin. Camera is a Nikon D800. All the vertical images were photographed with a Nikon Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8, which is a fantastic portrait lens; the horizontal image was shot using a Nikon 28-70mm f/2.8 lens.

As you’d expect from a founding Nikon Ambassador, and someone with about 4 decades behind the lens, Versace is very knowledgable — and also very funny! It was a pleasure spending time with him on this outing on a number of levels.

All photos © 2014 RZF Images, all rights reserved. Neither these nor other images on this site may be used without written permission.


Had a couple of model shoots last week. Here are some images from one of them, with Tia:

All photos are © 2014 RZF Images. All Rights Reserved


Photos from a Studio shoot this week.   Model: Ica   Stylist: Keila Sone

All photos are  (C) 2014 RZF Images. All Rights Reserved

Model on a Ship (A Tale of Never Knowing How You’ll Find Your Next Job)

As a freelance photographer, photo shoots can spring from the unexpected. Anywhere. Any time. Case in point:

I was on vacation a couple weeks ago, a big family cruise down in the Caribbean. In lieu of my Nikon DSLR equipment I brought along my Nikon 1 V2 camera and a few interchangeable lenses. This mirrorless camera is a powerhouse in a small body, with it’s own hotshoe flash that does a decent job for its size. It takes some solid images and makes for a great travel camera.

Turns out, that this mirrorless camera is also great in a pinch as a portrait camera.

The second evening of the cruise was the ship’s “elegant night”, where it’s customary to dress up in suits (tuxedos if you’re in the mood) for the men, and dresses or gowns for the women.  There are also photo stations around the ship,  studio-type setups (some pretty kitchy) where you can get formal (if slightly blown-out, IMHO) images shot, to then buy the next day.

So, as my wife and I are waiting at one of these studio setups,  in front of us is this young woman, Natasha who we start speaking with. Natasha is dressed in a stunning outfit and her hair & makeup are gorgeous. She tells us she’s a model and designer (who makes the dresses she wore) and lives in NYC. And, her birthday is in two days and she’s trying to see if she can find someone to photograph her. Well. . . Next thing you know I’m doing a photo shoot on the ship. Below are some of the images, edited in Photoshop and Nik Color Efex Pro4.

Natasha ends up loving the images and now we’re scheduling a couple of photo shoots for next month. So, you never know where your conversation, wherever you might be, could lead you a new assignment.

Joe McNally Adorama Pro Imaging Clinic

Renowned photographer, Joe McNally, a master of small flash photography and more, held a lighting clinic at an Adorama Pro Imaging  session Thursday (6/6/13). With a couple of models, he demonstrated various lighting effects using small flash and different light modifiers. Then afterwards, the 20 photographers were offered the chance to use some of the modifiers to photograph the models.

Using a Firefly 20″ octa, I lit models Shea and Greg in these photos below. My SB-910 flash, mounted camera-left on a lightstand gave me some pretty nice results. With Greg’s photo, I used Nik Color Efex Pro 4 for some post-processing to give his image a more edgy look.

Model Shoot

Here are a few shots from a model shoot I did on Feb 9.