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NYC Marathon 2015

It was a picture-perfect day for the annual NYC Marathon. The weather was cool and the overcast sky kept the temps both comfortable and great for photographing this incredible race. Some 50,000 participants went the distance this year and what was striking to me, was something that while not unusual, and in fact quite typical, was the focused demeanor of the serious runners compared with those just wanting to participate, not worrying about their time, but just finishing and enjoying being in the moment.

Here are a few images from the Marathon. More can be found on my website.

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New Years Eve 2011-Central Park Midnight Run

The annual NY Road Runners Club Midnight Run is a festive time. Costumes and dancing in Central Park before midnight and then the runners hit the pavement for a 4 mile run at midnight with fireworks exploding in the sky as a send off. There’s a lot of energy there without being with 1 million people they corral into Times Square. Several thousand people attend this event each year. Here are some photo highlights from the New Years Eve celebration. Let me know what you think.


Dancing and costume party before the start of the New Year's Eve Midnight Run in NYC's Central Park

Costumes galore at the Midnight Run

The New Year's Dog

Fireworks launching at Midnight signal the start of the Midnight Run

Running the 4-mile race in Central Park’s Upper Loop

2011 Vintage Grapes

The New Year’s Bunny. Happy 2011