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Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Coney Island, NY is a place known for its boardwalk, Nathan’s hot dogs, amusement rides–and a lot of quirkiness. That’s what makes this area of Brooklyn so unique. There are still sideshows, burlesque shows that hail back to it’s roots as an entertainment center for the masses.

Every June Coney Island hosts it’s Mermaid Parade, one of the few home-grown parades you’ll find in The Big Apple. It’s like the Mardi Gras parade of NYC! Home-made costumes abound that are highly creative–and given that it’s a mermaid theme, you’ll be sure to see women dressed in all variations of mermaids in the way they’re meant to be (that means a lot of “skin” showing, though tastefully so). Therefore, be prepared to see a lot of pasties and body paint if you plan to bring your kids–and there are plenty of parents that do.

Here are some shots (G-rated) I took from this year’s parade. The Mermaid Parade is a blast! Running up Surf Avenue and then down the Boardwalk, the parade route is packed. Come out next year for the fun–just don’t get in front of my camera!

Red Hook Food Vendors

I went out to the Red Hook neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY this past weekend to check out the Red Hook Food Vendors. They’ve been serving up home-made Latin American cuisine from their food trucks for some 30 years now. These vendors made news last year when NYC tried to regulate these small mom & pop businesses, causing an uproar with the neighborhood and local politicians. The City relented and the food vendors stayed, but the publicity helped raise their profile.

The food is incredible! The fresh shrimp tacos were among the best I ever had. It’s a haul to get to the Red Hook Ball Fields (Cnr. of Bay & Clinton Sts.) where the 10 vendors are  located, but it’s worth the trip. Easiest way is by car, but you can take the F train to Smith St./9th Ave. Station and it’s about a 7 block (10 minute) walk.