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Orthodox Easter Midnight Mass

Orthodox Easter is typically held a week after Roman Catholic Easter. Here are a few images of Midnight Mass on April 12 outside the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Church on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

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All’s Swinging at the Fifth Ave. Easter Parade

Photographing the Fifth Avenue Easter Parade is a blast. There’s really no other parade where you’re in the midst of the parade because the people are the parade. Styles abound from self-made hats & headware, to people (and some canines) dressed to the nines. It’s a fun and eclectic mix of humanity.

This year I discovered a swing band and dancers kicking it up on one of the side streets off Fifth Ave. Jazz singer Molly Ryan and reedman Dan Levinson and his band held court and about 15 pairs or so of swing dancers were kicking it up for a great time.

Here are some images I made from the parade. Many more can be found on my website. Happy Easter!

All photos © 2015 RZF Images, all rights reserved. Neither these nor other images on this site may be used without written permission.

Meet Me on Fifth Avenue For the Easter Parade

The annual Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue isn’t really a parade as much as an extravaganza of “extreme” Easter bonnets, featuring children of all ages; period dress; and fine fashions.

Running from 47th to 57th Streets on Fifth Avenue, with most people gathering around St. Patrick’s Cathedral to see and be seen, the Fifth Avenue Easter Parade offers some of the best street photography, with people (and the more the occasional canine) dressed up for the event.

This year, among all the Easter revelers, I came across artist Andy Padre, who made some 500 paper hats (with matching shopping bags) out of everything, including Metrocards, Subway Restaurant paper cups, tissue paper and more. He gave them away — for free — to people on the street so they can enjoy a little Easter fashion today.

Here’s some images of Easter parade revelers that I found most interesting. More can be seen on my Flickr page.

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Fifth Avenue Easter Parade: The Best Impromptu Portrait Photo Shoot

The Fifth Avenue Easter Parade is probably the best impromptu portrait photo-op around. With everything from elaborate and funny, to more traditional Easter Bonnets, it’s a colorful feast for the eyes. This year’s was no exception. Enjoy!

NYC Easter Parade 2012

The Easter Parade on NYC’s Fifth Avenue offers great photographic opportunities. From stylish bonnets to homemade chapeaus, to some over-the-top get-ups there’s a lot of great images to capture. Actually, it’s not so much of a parade; it’s more of a free-for-all promenade between 49th and 57th Streets on Fifth Ave. Here are several that I captured at today’s parade.

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Easter Parade NYC

The 5th Avenue Easter Parade (April 4) was in fine form, as usual, with some creative (and outrageous) hats and get-ups. Here are a few shots from the parade:

The iPad Easter Bonnet. Brilliant!

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Greek Easter Midnight Mass

The Greek Orthodox Cathedral Church is near my home and this year Greek Easter happens to fall on the same day as Roman Catholic Easter. Midnight Mass culminates with a candlelight outdoor service, which is very beautiful to watch, and makes for some interesting images.
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