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Bikers and Pedestrians Rule! — Summer Streets NYC

Since 2008, on the first three Saturdays of August, New York City has closed Manhattan’s Park Avenue from E79th Street and down to Lafeyette Street in Greenwich Village to the Brooklyn Bridge. as a bike and pedestrian thoroughfare. Hundreds of thousands of City denizens take advantage of walking, running and biking the route, and stopping for some fun, entertainment, an interactive guide to the City’s Vision Zero program; and other activities along the way.

Summer Streets NYC has been a success from the start. It’s a chance to get in some exercise, take in the quiet of traversing what’s usually very busy, noisy avenues filled with car traffic; and have some fun along the way at various points.

There’s a musical art installation, Trumpet City, which has players along Park Avenue, a dog run and ASPCA adoption area, traffic safety “fair”, mini golf, a juggling and acrobatic interactive stop, and more. Additional information is found here.

Summer Streets NYC runs Saturday August 2, 8, and 16 from 7am to 1pm. If you’re in NYC, take some time to travel the route and enjoy.

Here are some images I took along the way yesterday.


Greenwich Village with a Lensbaby

So, what’s a “Lensbaby“?  Simply put, it’s a selective-focus lens. You adjust the focus by manually compressing the lens’ bellow and then locking it into place to hold the focus. There are individual aperture rings which you place on the outside of the lens to control depth-of-field. Focusing is completely manual–a real anomaly these days!

Here’s what the lens looks like on a camera: 

The effects of this lens are really striking. Here are a couple of examples from images I took last weekend in Greenwich Village in and around Washington Square Park. What do you think of this lens effect?: