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Halloween, Manhattan Townhouse-Style

The townhouses on Manhattan’s Upper East Side get into the Halloween Spirit each year with their incredible decorations. Here’s a look at what people came up with this year for some scary fun.


A Town and Country Halloween

I was approached by Town & Country Magazine a few months ago to purchase a photo I took last year of Halloween-decorated townhouses on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The photo made their November issue. Below is the page from the issue, with my photo in the upper left hand side. The issue is on sale now!

T&C November 2013-Highlighted

A Manhattan Halloween

Yes, we decorate for Halloween in Manhattan believe it or not, even though most of us don’t have front lawns to put up the latest giant inflatable pumpkins and ghosts. In some neighborhoods there are block parties where residents decorate their townhouse foyers and have people come in for Trick-or-Treat.

And then there are many townhouses that go really wild with decorations (even an  inflatable pumpkin on a balcony!). The New York Times described it as a “hedge-fund Halloween” in a recent feature. But so what? Kids and adults alike gape at the array of ghosts, ghouls, goblins, demons, witches and vampires in childlike wonder and excitement. Plus they make for great photos!

I shot all these images on the Upper East Side between 67th & 78th streets between Fifth & Lexington Avenues using Photoshop and Photo Efex HDR Pro 2 to give them even more of a surreal look. With Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast just days after I shot these I hope they are still around to enjoy. Happy Halloween!