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Eldridge Street Synagogue Museum

Eldridge Street Synagogue, Manhattan

Eldridge Street Synagogue, Manhattan

Last weekend Open House New York held its annual weekend where many of NYC’s architectural wonders and infrastructure (some not normally open to the public) can be viewed for free.

The image above is taken in the Eldridge Street Synagogue Museum, which was erected in 1887 on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It has Moorish and Romanesque detailing and a vaulted ceiling rising 50 feet. The main sanctuary was closed down in the 1940s due to dwindling membership as many of the congregation moved uptown, with the basement sanctuary continued to be used.

For some 40 years, the main sanctuary began to decay from lack of maintenance until the 80’s, when a restoration process was started. The restoration was completed in 2007 and is listed as a National Historic Landmark.

Tech notes: This image was taken with my Nikon 1 V2, mounted on a tripod. ISO 200 at f/13 12mm focal length. Five-image HDR processed in PSCC HDR Pro.

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Harlem River (NY) Boathouse

I was taking pictures at my daughter’s crew club end of season BBQ and shot this image of their boathouse on New York’s Harlem River. Edited this in Photoshop, merging 7 images of various exposures and then finished off the processing in Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 for some more drama.


Christmas Morning NYC 2012

Merry Christmas! Here are a few HDR-processed photos from my Christmas morning walk in Manhattan. Getting out early to see the store windows in mid-town Manhattan, and the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a must if you want to beat the crowds. More store window photos later. Enjoy!


HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography has been catching on over the past few years. I’ve started to take more HDR photos since this summer trying to hone my skills in this photographic style, with some cool results.

For those unfamiliar with HDR photography, it’s where you are taking 3, 5 or 7 (or nine) bracketed shots of the same scene. By shooting in increments of 1-stop over and under the normal exposed range you photograph the entire scene from light to dark tones. Then in software such as Photoshop or Nik’s HDR Efex Pro, merge those images together to create a tone-mapped image with the full range of light and dark exposures. Enough tech-talk for you?

Over the last couple of weeks I shot some images out in Las Vegas and in NYC trying to work my HDR skills. Here are some of the results I’ve gotten. There’s a lot of creativity in this style of photography that lets you really push the envelope.

Holiday Season in NYC

The Holiday Season is a great time of year in New York City. Decorations abound. Tree lightings around the city offer a great time to celebrate the Holiday season no matter what religion you observe. It happens to be a fun time in the City, so just enjoy it in your own way.

I went around on Black Friday checking out some of the sights around Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle and Fifth Avenue around Central Park South, trying to work on perfecting my HDR photography, which I’m really starting to get into and enjoy the creative process around it. Here are a few images that I think came out pretty well:

A Manhattan Halloween

Yes, we decorate for Halloween in Manhattan believe it or not, even though most of us don’t have front lawns to put up the latest giant inflatable pumpkins and ghosts. In some neighborhoods there are block parties where residents decorate their townhouse foyers and have people come in for Trick-or-Treat.

And then there are many townhouses that go really wild with decorations (even an  inflatable pumpkin on a balcony!). The New York Times described it as a “hedge-fund Halloween” in a recent feature. But so what? Kids and adults alike gape at the array of ghosts, ghouls, goblins, demons, witches and vampires in childlike wonder and excitement. Plus they make for great photos!

I shot all these images on the Upper East Side between 67th & 78th streets between Fifth & Lexington Avenues using Photoshop and Photo Efex HDR Pro 2 to give them even more of a surreal look. With Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast just days after I shot these I hope they are still around to enjoy. Happy Halloween!

Coney Island Photowalk

I’ve traveled to Coney Island several times, mostly to photograph the annual Mermaid Parade, held each June. The costumes (or body paint!) marchers display are hand-made, highly imaginative and very colorful.

The boardwalk area itself is a feast for the eyes. From the rides and the Wonder Wheel, the old Parachute Jump to the carnival games, the boardwalk restaurants (Nathan’s Famous–of course!) and the average characters, Coney Island is a great place to capture a unique side of New York City.

Photographer Rick Sammon hosted a photowalk on the Coney Island boardwalk yesterday and it definitely was worth the subway ride from Manhattan to join about 30 other photographers. There were also a couple of models to photograph as the sun was setting. Here are a few of the images I came back with: