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Caroling on Park Avenue

The Park Avenue Tree Lighting entered it’s 70th year last night in front of The Brick Presbyterian Church. With probably a couple thousand New Yorkers in attendance, singing Christmas Carols in the bitter cold, the trees along Park Avenue, from the 50’s to 96th streets were lit up last night.

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Christmas Day NYC

As is our family tradition, we got up early Christmas day, walked down to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree  and checked out the department store windows along the way. Then to our local diner for breakfast.

It was bitter cold in NYC this morning, about 18 degrees F, and a little windy, so it was probably closer to zero. The frigid weather did not appeal to my camera, which decided to shut down just before we got to Rock Center! At least I had my iPhone.

Here are a few shots of Bloomindale’s’, Bergdorf-Goodman’s and Bulgari from today as well as an iPhone shot of the tree.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Window Displays NYC – View and Review!

Every year my family and I wake up early Christmas morning and stroll down to midtown Manhattan to view the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and the department store window Christmas displays. Naturally, I photograph the windows and have been posting them here on my blog.

So of course I’m doing the same thing here but with a twist: At my wife’s suggestion, we are now going to rate the store window displays with a totally unscientific rating of 1 to 5 flashbulbs (what else?). Here goes:


Our first top along the way to see the Rock Center tree and it was a bit disappointing. Bloomingdale’s had a 2-part display. The first was an interactive display where your picture was taken, put into an animated picture that you can download off the web by scanning a QR code. My opinion: people just want to see the cool window displays and not start messing around with a 2 or 3-step process like this. Their other half of their display were Cirque du Soleil windows, which were nice but didn’t feel too Holiday or “Christmasy”. Two Flashbulbs. 2_flashbulbs

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Always very innovative and stylish, Bergdorf’s did not disappoint, with a Roaring ’20s theme. 4 Flashbulbs.   4_flashbulbs

Sak’s Fifth Avenue

Last year, Sak’s was a bit of a disappointment but they came back strong this year with a more nostalgic, if relatively unoriginal, child-centered Holiday theme: 3 Flashbulbs. 3_flashbulbs

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As always–and expected–Tiffany’s has a jewelry theme to it’s windows. Tiny and exquisite, yet traditional, they are always a marvel to view.
4 Flashbulbs. 4_flashbulbs

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Barney’s New York

This was our last stop on this year’s Christmas walk (yeah, I know, we didn’t do Macy’s or Lord & Taylor–maybe next year!). Barney’s is known for it’s eclectic Holiday windows and they dazzled once again this year. Teaming up with Disney, for an “Electric Holiday“, Barney’s showcased an animated short of a fashion runway theme complete with Disney characters, animated fashion critics and photographers. It made for great entertainment. 5 Flashbulbs. 5_flashbulbs

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I hope you enjoyed my thoroughly unscientific and highly opinionated rating of some of NYC’s department store windows. Have fun looking at these images and Happy Holidays!

Christmas Morning NYC 2012

Merry Christmas! Here are a few HDR-processed photos from my Christmas morning walk in Manhattan. Getting out early to see the store windows in mid-town Manhattan, and the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a must if you want to beat the crowds. More store window photos later. Enjoy!

Holiday Season in NYC

The Holiday Season is a great time of year in New York City. Decorations abound. Tree lightings around the city offer a great time to celebrate the Holiday season no matter what religion you observe. It happens to be a fun time in the City, so just enjoy it in your own way.

I went around on Black Friday checking out some of the sights around Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle and Fifth Avenue around Central Park South, trying to work on perfecting my HDR photography, which I’m really starting to get into and enjoy the creative process around it. Here are a few images that I think came out pretty well:

The ’11 Holiday Season Arrives in NYC

The Holiday Season in New York City is officially kicking off this week with all sorts of tree lightings and festivities, and plenty of photo-ops everywhere you turn. The most famous is the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting which takes place on Wednesday, Nov. 30, which will be packed with people and an A-list celebrity entertainment turnout.

On Monday, 11/28 the annual Lincoln Center Winter’s Eve Festival kicked off the Holiday Season with a tree lighting, entertainment by legendary folk musician Arlo Guthrie and the Newark Boys Choir.  The streets from 59th to 67th streets were also filled with musicians, singers and other entertainers, as well as food tastings by local restaurants.

There’s more to come this week. Besides the Rock Center Tree Lighting, there’s the Bryant Park Tree Lighting on Tuesday 11/29 at 8:30pm, in Bryant Park on 42nd St. Betw. 5th  & 6th Aves. Then on Sunday 12/4 at 6:30pm, sing in the Holiday Season at the Park Avenue Tree Lighting outside The Brick Presbyterian Church (Park Ave. & 91st St).

On Tuesday, 12/6 the NY Stock Exchange tree gets lit–sure to attract a lot of Occupy Wall Streeters, no doubt–and Wed. 12/7 is the Washington Sq. Park Tree Lighting , 6pm under the arch. Enjoy!

Arlo Guthrie