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Jazz Age Lawn Party 2016

Been a little while since I’ve added an entry to my blog. I’ve been busy helping lead some modeling photo workshops and working on growing a headshot business. So if anyone needs headshots, let me know. I’ll post some of my work in that area shortly.

Last week the 11th annual Jazz Age Lawn Party was held on Governor’s Island, a 5-minute ferry ride from lower Manhattan. This Prohibition-inspired gathering attracts now thousands of people, many in period dress from the ’20s, ’30s & ’40s.

Here are a few images from last week’s event. More can be seen on my website: http://www.rzfimages.com/2016-Photos/Jazz-Age-Lawn-Party-16/

Jazz Age Lawn Party 2015

Photographing at the Jazz Age Lawn Party is like shooting on a studio set for a period production. A vast majority of attendees to this ’20s event are dressed up in some great flapper and other period clothing at this festival on Governor’s Island, a 5 minute ferry ride from Manhattan. There were two stages where bands played swing and jazz and plenty of room for dancing.

Here are several images I made this past weekend, with more on my website.

If you weren’t able to come out this weekend, the Jazz Age Lawn Party is gearing up again on August 15 & 16.

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Vintage Subway Trains, Jazz & Swing Dancing Underground — A NYC Vintage Train 2014 Event

The New York City MTA is running a special 1940’s vintage train on the F and M lines every Sunday from Thanksgiving until Dec 28. While it may seem like there’s never a time schedule for NYC subway trains, I found a group that was holding a Jazz and Swing dance with live bands today (12/14/14) on the 2nd Ave/Houston St. platform, and also had the times available the train would arrive at the station.

In addition to people dancing in period dress, the band and participants — and general public, many probably unaware of this happening today — the band piled into the train giving a live performance for all the riders.

The trains are incredibly preserved, with ceiling fans, cushioned seats and incandescent lighting, as well as old advertisements. You can see more of these trains and buses at The Transit Museum in Brooklyn.

Here are a few images from underground:

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