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A Photo Walk Among The Shipping Containers – Photoville 2014

Repurposing shipping containers into rooms of photo exhibits, Photoville, in its 3rd year in Brooklyn Bridge Park offers a wide range of high quality, thought-provoking and beautiful images from professional and emerging photographers from across the globe.

This two-week photo showcase, with various exhibits, some interactive as well as talks by various photographers ends today (9/28) and is well-worth visiting.

Three exhibits that stood out to and are worth checking out either at the event or online:

  • La Frontera – By Stefan Falke, who portrays artists living along the U.S/Mexican border near the border fence and the vibrant artists in that area.
  • Tunnel People – Toen Voeten, an award-winning war photographer, lived among a homeless community under Riverside Park in an Amtrak train tunnel, documenting their lives.
  • Portraits by Delphine Diallo, whose exhibit of black and white portraits is highly engaging. PDN has named, this French-Senegalese photographer as one of the 30 new and emerging photographers to watch.

Here are a few images from Photoville. If you’re in the NYC area today, get out there and enjoy the last day of this great photo village!

Images shot with my Nikon 1 V2.

All photos © 2014 RZF Images, all rights reserved. Neither these nor other images on this site may be used without written permission.


Model on a Ship (A Tale of Never Knowing How You’ll Find Your Next Job)

As a freelance photographer, photo shoots can spring from the unexpected. Anywhere. Any time. Case in point:

I was on vacation a couple weeks ago, a big family cruise down in the Caribbean. In lieu of my Nikon DSLR equipment I brought along my Nikon 1 V2 camera and a few interchangeable lenses. This mirrorless camera is a powerhouse in a small body, with it’s own hotshoe flash that does a decent job for its size. It takes some solid images and makes for a great travel camera.

Turns out, that this mirrorless camera is also great in a pinch as a portrait camera.

The second evening of the cruise was the ship’s “elegant night”, where it’s customary to dress up in suits (tuxedos if you’re in the mood) for the men, and dresses or gowns for the women.  There are also photo stations around the ship,  studio-type setups (some pretty kitchy) where you can get formal (if slightly blown-out, IMHO) images shot, to then buy the next day.

So, as my wife and I are waiting at one of these studio setups,  in front of us is this young woman, Natasha who we start speaking with. Natasha is dressed in a stunning outfit and her hair & makeup are gorgeous. She tells us she’s a model and designer (who makes the dresses she wore) and lives in NYC. And, her birthday is in two days and she’s trying to see if she can find someone to photograph her. Well. . . Next thing you know I’m doing a photo shoot on the ship. Below are some of the images, edited in Photoshop and Nik Color Efex Pro4.

Natasha ends up loving the images and now we’re scheduling a couple of photo shoots for next month. So, you never know where your conversation, wherever you might be, could lead you a new assignment.


5Pointz is known as a graffiti artists mecca. It’s a square block of an old industrial building in Long Island City, Queens (NY). Covering the building is an amazing array of artwork by street artists who have done some incredible work.

I went to 5Pointz last week to scout it out as a location for a photo shoot, and it will make for an awesome background! My shoot will have to occur soon, since the landlord is planning to raze the building and build two high-rise apartment towers there. According to local news reports, he will try to maintain some of the street art flavor.

Here are some images I shot while scouting the location. All photos were taken with my Nikon 1 V2. This camera continues to impress me with it’s high quality.

SantaCon NYC 2012

SantaCon NYC was in full force on Saturday 12/15. Some 30,000 people registered to be part of this annual gathering. In addition to it being a large social event (though it’s detractors say it’s nothing but a large pub crawl), SantaCon promotes charitable contributions from participants. Last year SantaCon NYC raised $10,000 for Toys for Tots.

Here are a few images I took in and around Grand Central Station and in mid-town on Saturday. I shot these with my new Nikon 1 V2 camera, Nikon’s new mirrorless camera, with interchangeable lenses. It produces very impressive images for a small camera.