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Party Photos for Business Headshots?

You’re at a party with friends and someone takes a group picture. You see the shot on your friend’s social media feed and decide to crop the photo and use that as your business headshot.

But is that the most professional way to present yourself on your business social media and your business website?

Think about this: would you wear that outfit from a party to a business meeting? Probably not. It wouldn’t look professional, or the way you’d want to present yourself in such a business environment.

So why use a party shot as your business headshot?

Consider the images above of the same person. On the left, is a shot taken at a social gathering with a group of people and cropped. Not bad for a social pic, but for a business headshot the exposure and the color is off, the background is cluttered, and chunky earrings and lace top are distracting.

The image on the right, from a headshot session, has a solid, uncluttered background, good lighting and has a professional tone. It’s a far superior image to showcase on a business website or social media sites like LinkedIn.

For your professional life you invest in your attire, your education, business organizations; and if you’re in a situation where you present information to people, you invest in the time to prepare for a presentation.

Investing in a professional headshot is one more business decision to further your career. It’s an investment that will pay you dividends.

Rob Feiner is the owner of RZF Images, a New York City professional photographer, specializing in headshot and portrait photography. Reach him at: rzfeiner@rzfimages.com  www.rzfimages.com



Images from a model shoot with Jayne a few weeks ago.

All photos are © 2014 RZF Images. All Rights Reserved


Had a couple of model shoots last week. Here are some images from one of them, with Tia:

All photos are © 2014 RZF Images. All Rights Reserved

Macy’s Annual Flower Show

The Macy’s Annual Flower Show debuted on Sunday (3/23) and I had a new lens that needed testing out, making this a perfect opportunity.

I just got a Nikon 105mm f/2.8 Micro lens, (Macro in Nikon parlance is “Micro”) which is great for both close-up photography as well as a nice portrait lens.

This is a very impressive lens, which is great for close-ups of flowers as you’ll see below. I also starting using it for some headshots and portraits, the results which I’ll post shortly. In the meantime, enjoy these images. BTW, the Macy’s Flower Show runs through April 6.


Photos from a Studio shoot this week.   Model: Ica   Stylist: Keila Sone

All photos are  (C) 2014 RZF Images. All Rights Reserved


Photos from a portrait/headshot session with Alexandra last week.

All photos are  (C) 2014 RZF Images. All Rights Reserved

Joe McNally Adorama Pro Imaging Clinic

Renowned photographer, Joe McNally, a master of small flash photography and more, held a lighting clinic at an Adorama Pro Imaging  session Thursday (6/6/13). With a couple of models, he demonstrated various lighting effects using small flash and different light modifiers. Then afterwards, the 20 photographers were offered the chance to use some of the modifiers to photograph the models.

Using a Firefly 20″ octa, I lit models Shea and Greg in these photos below. My SB-910 flash, mounted camera-left on a lightstand gave me some pretty nice results. With Greg’s photo, I used Nik Color Efex Pro 4 for some post-processing to give his image a more edgy look.