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Riverdale, NY Bat Mitzvah Party

I shot this Bat Mitzvah party last month for a client’s sister. My original client lives in Riverdale, NY; her sister and family live in Israel.  About two years ago I  photographed the Riverdale family in both a portrait session and Bat Mitzvah party photos for her daughter. In August her sister’s family flew in from Israel to celebrate with their State-side family, and I was asked to photograph the niece’s Bat Mitzvah party.

Back when I shot the Bat Mitzvah party for the Riverdale side of the family, I met their Israeli relatives. Getting repeat business from a family is great for a couple of reasons: the family knows your work and there’s not much need for those “get-to-know-you” moments, as you tend to remember the various personalities and can dive right into capturing some great family interactions.

The Bat Mitzvah party was a very relaxed event in the Riverdale family’s backyard, where about 50 people were in attendance. There was a great loving energy from everyone, lots of young cousins playing around; and exuberant adults enjoying this milestone. While the Atlantic and Mediterranean separated these families, you could see that day how close-knit they are.

(Tech Notes: I shot the event using a Flashpoint beauty dish, a 6″ light modifier from Adorama, strapped on to my Nikon SB910 flash. The flash head  shoots into a deflector positioned in front of the  head and the light then bounces back into the dish and out towards your subject. The quality of light this provides a lot more punch, wrapping around a subject’s face, giving emphasis to the eyes and jawline. It’s a great portable unit that makes great light for photographing people in an event like this.)


Riverdale, NY Family Portrait Session

I did this portrait shoot recently for a Riverdale, NY family whose daughter was celebrating becoming a Bat-Mitzvah and had family coming in from various parts of the country and from Israel. Lots of cousins!