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Christmas Day Photowalk ’14

It’s been our family tradition to take an early morning photowalk to see the department store window Christmas displays and end up at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree (actually, I’m the only one doing the “photo walk” — everyone else is just walking and viewing).

So, once again, my images of the various Christmas window displays we toured and my review with my flashbulb ratings.


Overall, cute displays, but like past years, Bloomingdale’s seems to want to have social media connectivity built into their displays that they want people to interact with. Except for the window where you could take a selfie from the window and have it display super size on the screen in the window, I personally think it’s too much interaction they want of viewers (and my other “photo walkers” agreed). Two flashbulbs 2_flashbulbs


Always creative, Barney’s nailed it again this year. With a theme based on beauty, truth, love and freedom, their windows were very engaging, one with a mechanical mobile that was captivating. Five flashbulbs 5_flashbulbs

 Bergdorf Goodman’s

Bergdorf’s windows are always highly creative and elegant and consistently stunning. The images tell it all. Five flashbulbs 5_flashbulbs

Sak’s Fifth Avenue

The one thing that Sak’s uniquely does each year is tell a story through it’s Christmas windows. This year’s theme was “Once Upon a Time in NYC” and was quite clever. It too gets five flashbulbs (though I do wish the glass was less reflective for better photos). 5_flashbulbs

Honorable Mentions. . . 

Go to Tiffany’s and Salvadore Feragamo, which both had large and elegant decorations on their buildings.

Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Day NYC

As is our family tradition, we got up early Christmas day, walked down to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree  and checked out the department store windows along the way. Then to our local diner for breakfast.

It was bitter cold in NYC this morning, about 18 degrees F, and a little windy, so it was probably closer to zero. The frigid weather did not appeal to my camera, which decided to shut down just before we got to Rock Center! At least I had my iPhone.

Here are a few shots of Bloomindale’s’, Bergdorf-Goodman’s and Bulgari from today as well as an iPhone shot of the tree.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Morning NYC 2012

Merry Christmas! Here are a few HDR-processed photos from my Christmas morning walk in Manhattan. Getting out early to see the store windows in mid-town Manhattan, and the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a must if you want to beat the crowds. More store window photos later. Enjoy!

Christmas Day in New York City 2011

It’s become a tradition to get out early on Christmas morning to view the department store Christmas window displays and the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. It offers an opportunity for some interesting photographs, if done right. The challenge of shooting though store windows during the day is glare off those windows, depending on the incidence of the light.

To offset some of glare, a polarizing filter is key. And taking your flash off-camera and shooting at an angle will virtually eliminate your flash’s output reflecting back into your lens and ruining your shot.

Here are a few images from Christmas morning. Word to the wise: Better to see the store windows and the tree early in the morning. When family came in at night and wanted to see the tree at Rock Center, Fifth Avenue was so packed on both sides of the street (not to mention wall-to-wall street vendors adding to crowded sidewalks) that you couldn’t even make it into the Rockefeller Center Plaza.

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