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Sunset Bat Mitzvah Party on The Hudson

Saturday’s weather was perfect for a party cruise. I photographed a Bat Mitzvah party celebrating on a World Yacht sunset cruise around lower Manhattan, passing by The Statue of Liberty. The DJ for the event was Jerry Laskin Enterprises.

Great group of adults and kids and got some nice images on the outer deck  both around sunset and into the evening with The Statue of Liberty in the background.

Here are some images from the event. To see additional images on my website, click here.


Harlem River (NY) Boathouse

I was taking pictures at my daughter’s crew club end of season BBQ and shot this image of their boathouse on New York’s Harlem River. Edited this in Photoshop, merging 7 images of various exposures and then finished off the processing in Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 for some more drama.



HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography has been catching on over the past few years. I’ve started to take more HDR photos since this summer trying to hone my skills in this photographic style, with some cool results.

For those unfamiliar with HDR photography, it’s where you are taking 3, 5 or 7 (or nine) bracketed shots of the same scene. By shooting in increments of 1-stop over and under the normal exposed range you photograph the entire scene from light to dark tones. Then in software such as Photoshop or Nik’s HDR Efex Pro, merge those images together to create a tone-mapped image with the full range of light and dark exposures. Enough tech-talk for you?

Over the last couple of weeks I shot some images out in Las Vegas and in NYC trying to work my HDR skills. Here are some of the results I’ve gotten. There’s a lot of creativity in this style of photography that lets you really push the envelope.

Unisphere Photo Walk

Last night I participated in a photo walk in Corona Park Queens,  led by fine art and travel photographer Rick Sammon, who guided about 50 photographers around the old ’64 World’s Fair site, where the Unisphere still stands today. Great area for some photos with that big globe and the “spaceships” from Men In Black. Here’s one shot from the walk. More to come:

Manhattanhenge Part II

Yesterday (July 12) was yet again a Manhattanhenge moment, when the sunset lines up perfectly with the Manhattan east-west streets. This time I positioned myself on 42nd Street on the East Side (2nd Ave) for some shots. There’s a pedestrian bridge by the Tudor City residential complex, but it was already packed with people trying to get a shot.

Tudor City pedestrian bridge jammed with photo enthusiasts waiting for Manhattanhenge

Trying to photograph this sunset experience with a bunch of other people doing the same thing felt like being in a human school of fish. Light turns red on 42nd St, everyone rushes out into the westbound lanes to get a shot of the sunset; light turns green, everyone rushes back to the sidewalk–well, mostly everyone. Some people decided to stay in the median or ignore the oncoming cars–much to the NYPD’s chagrin. I opted for the sidewalk, by the way.

Here are some shots from yesterday. Even more vivid than the ones I took from Manhattanhenge I.

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ManhattanHenge Part 1

ManhattanHenge, or the Manhattan Solstice, is a twice-yearly event where the sun aligns exactly with the East-West grid of the City’s street layout. This offers spectacular photo opportunities–if you can work around other photographers trying for similar images. Here are a few shots I captured. The images below are looking West on 34th Street between Park & Madison Aves.

The next time this will occur will be on July 11 and 12. I’ll be trying for some images from other locations.